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Individual counselings

In House Of Freedom - individual drug counseling sessions will serve as a cornerstone for your recovery and provide many benefits that will help you restructure Patient’s life, relationships, and mindset. During individual counseling, you will learn to:

  • Accept that you have an illness – A key component of substance abuse treatment is accepting the fact that you are addicted. This isn’t always easy, but it is a major stepping stone to recovery.
  • Address the root causes of your addiction – Oftentimes substance abuse is a form of self-medication or a way to deal with a difficult situation or traumatic event in life. By addressing those issues individually, your counselor can help you learn to identify ongoing life situations in which using drugs or alcohol to cope does not work.
  • Practice more effective life skills – Individual counseling provides opportunities to learn and practice healthier problem-solving and decision-making strategies to abstain from using a substance.
  • Heal damaged relationships – Your substance abuse likely contributed to a number of damaged relationships in your life. Making amends with these people is an essential component of recovery. Your counselor will be there to encourage and help you as you navigate this delicate process.
  • Learn how to build healthy relationships – Individual drug counseling also provides useful tools for building new, healthy relationships that will help your ongoing recovery, not hinder it.
  • Maintain abstinence from addictive substances – The self- awareness and confidence you gain in individual counseling sessions work together with the tools and strategies you learn in group counseling to help you continue living a fulfilling and sober life.